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A studio for everyone

A studio for everyone

Shoot For Peace is a non-profit organization with the mission of community healing through art. We aim to deliver community programming that makes art accessible to underserved youth and launch a generation of storytellers empowered by their identities and experiences, prepared for success.

Shoot for Peace is an incubator for young artists — nurturing their creativity, fostering talent, and creating storytellers.

Our studio acts as a community space, photography studio, and creative working space. Our mandate has now been expanded to not only offer programming to youth but to also provide full-time and free access to computers, software, cameras and studio resources seven days a week.

At Shoot For Peace, our programs cultivate essential soft skills in youth – confidence, belonging, mental well-being, leadership, and community engagement – fostering their readiness for personal and professional triumph. Over 100 youths initiated non-profits, projects, and businesses in the arts, while 200 others found roles within art, media and tech. We empower our youth by facilitating art sales, internships, and job placements, leveraging our network of creative and commercial experts. Our youth have flourished as production assistants, directors, stylists, and more, gaining invaluable industry experience.